20 3 / 2012

05 3 / 2012

CLICK HERE to see what it looks like now !

Enjoy & share with your friends.

29 2 / 2012

21 2 / 2012

Dear Slowbizz followers,

just a quick post to tell you that after 3 months of low profile activity we’ve reached 266 potential guests coming from 25 different countries. So, statistically, we’re still on our way to the 1,000 hosts, which is our ambition for oct/nov 2012, before launching the first proper tours.

We invite you  to share your love for the concept to enable us to offer the largest network possible to the registered artists (47 fully registered so far + another 30 waiting to be added to the roster). 

20 12 / 2011

After 38 days of presence on the worldwide web, we’ve reached 157 hosts in our network. We’re on the right track to reach our 1,000 hosts goal in the first year, the first major treshold of our development (who knows where we’ll be in 5 years ;-)). Thanks very much to all the people signing up & sharing their love for the concept.

09 12 / 2011

We have now 117 registered hosts and are processing tens of artists requests. 30 artists have already officially joined the Slowbizz roster. 

Keep on the good vibes !

08 12 / 2011

2017 unique visitors yesterday on Slowbizz.com. Thanks for your support ! We have now 107 hosts in the directory, which keeps us on track for the 1,000 active hosts within 12 months. Join the hosts community on Slowbizz.com & organize concerts in the intimacy of your home, for your family & friends. Here is the direct link: http://bit.ly/ryjYD9

04 12 / 2011

30 11 / 2011

We want to build this network slowly but we’re actually pretty impressed that 66 people have already registered as potential hosts for Slowbizz concerts. It’s growing faster than expected ;-) 

We’d like to thank the Slowbizz pioneersfor their early stage involvement. It gives us confidence in the innovative model we are offering to music fans & artists.

Our ambition is to unite 1000 active hosts within 12 months, before launching the first tours through the network.

If you want to join this exciting project, CLICK HERE to register as a host.

Looking forward to having you on board !

27 11 / 2011

We read an “interesting” question on a blog: “why do hosts have to pay something to host a concert ?”… Well, welcome to the real world ;-) Artists are professionals and…yes…they have to be compensated for their performance. At Slowbizz, we strive to make it VERY affordable but, sorry, we can’t make it free ;-)